5 Brick orange lipstick 2022 Beautiful Colors

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Who is looking for a beautiful brick orange lipstick? If you want to know which brand of brick orange lipstick to choose that is popular, come this way, ladies. Today, we have put together a beautiful 2022 orange-brick tone lipstick that you should have in your bag or two for you. Write down the list and go ahead and choose!

1. Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Mat Lipstick #208 They Met in Argentina $1,595

This luxury! Gucci did not disappoint. It’s a brick orange lipstick that’s very pretty. The texture is matte, like a good person, looks expensive. velvety The color tone is easy to apply. can be applied continuously Go every day. Popular color. It’s a must-have item.

2. YSL Rouge Pur Couture #139 Beige Cremeux 1,500 baht

As for YSL, it’s equally great. It is a tone of orange, brick, beige. Suitable for your child who want to apply lipstick and look natural It’s like I was born with juicy orange lipstick. Smooth texture, easy to apply, doesn’t make grooves. suitable for dry mouth Just one bite and get the look of a kid. Or if you want to be more spicy, apply the color clearly.

3. MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour #Sorry Not Sorry 1,200 baht

Don’t have to say too much about the popularity of this lip mac color. When I saw Lisa apply it, I was so excited! This version of the lipstick gives a powdery matte finish that blends into the lips but doesn’t make the lips crack. The color is very good. It’s a beautiful brick orange lip color. It’s a hit. Must have.

4. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream #274 Coeur de Ruby 1,400 baht

Polite brick orange. Lightly touched. It’s like a healthy mouth. I need this color of Lancome. He will have a reddish-orange tone that is a bit dark. The texture of the lipstick is not too matte, making the lips look soft and moist. I told you that good oral work must come.

5. Dear Dhalia Blooming Edition Satin Glow Lip #Serenity 1,100 baht

and for those who like succulent I recommend Deer Dalia’s brick orange lip color. It’s a highly pigmented liquid lipstick. but with a glossy luster After applying it, the lips are very beautiful. Like a Korean girl’s mouth that is kissable. Who wants a clear brick orange? Looks like it wasn’t intentional, had to try.